• narcissist

    dead lands

    When you said that cryptic message, that nothingness, it got into my head. It drilled it’s little hole into my head like a beetle eating through wood, trying to survive. Those words infected my heart and made me doubt myself, made me hate myself, made me second guess who I am and what I stand for. Yes, I am sensitive, but I have learned, through many years of brushing off the ash and trudging through the dead lands that you are the empty one. For those who spew hatred are the ones who died long ago.

  • addiction

    how true honesty can help keep you sober

    I wonder sometimes why I have nothing to say. Do I have writers block? Do I just not care? Do I just not feel anything I have to say is important? Am I not funny enough? Not witty enough? None of this matters. I write because I enjoy it and if someone likes it, then awesome, but sitting here with my computer in front of me, imagining writing the perfect blog post or great masterpiece or jumble of thoughts is frustrating when I have nothing to say. I used to sit in twelve step meetings, waiting for my turn to speak, imagining the perfect speech. The perfect and most inspirational…