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    nothing i feel the need to write, but my mind is as blank as a midnight highway the steam rises up from the asphalt like the words floating right out of my brain if i had artistic talent, it would be so much easier for me to express myself the words just do not come easy to me anymore the words escape me like a little furry mouse running for it’s life away from the cat chasing it i sit down to write and even though my heart bleeds, my fingers are still if i could photograph my thoughts and make them into a book, i would i would bind…

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    Writers Block

    Finally got a new story in the works. Life has been crazy and hectic. Anxiety and depression really getting me down and stopping me from doing…well, pretty much everything. I’ll try to update more, I really want to keep up this blog.   Here’s my newest story called Where Constellation Lives. Only got the first chapter up, but it’s a drama. Fiction story, some romance.

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    The Woes of Writing

    Writing anything is hard enough, but trying to put thoughts into a story the way I see them in my head is difficult. I typically start with a story and then build the beginning off of that, but then I tend to start new stories because the ideas I have won’t fit into the current story I have going. I guess that’s not only the woes of writing, but the woes of having a mental illness as a writer. My anxiety gets the better of me a lot of the time. I have so many ideas, but I struggle with trying to get them down on paper in a fashion…